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Network of Entities

BCN comparteix el menjar includes the following recipients:

Logo Fundació Ámbit Prevenció
Logo Associació Rauxa
Logo Bona voluntad en acció
Logo Aldees Infantils
Logo Casal dels Infants
Logo Asociación del Bienestar y el desarollo
Logo Obra Social Santa Lluïsa
Logo Sant Joan de Déu
Logo Creu Roja
Logo Càritas
Logo Formació i Treball
Logo Fundació Roure
Logo Medical Research Council
Logo Stop Africa Malaria
Logo Fundació Ametller
Logo Fundación Lealtad
Logo Fundación Conin
Logo Fundació Ordesa
Logo FarmaMundi
Logo Fundación Prosegur
Logo Fundació Seur
Logo Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo
Logo Fundación Investigación Nutricional

Àmbit Prevenció is an association founded on the idea of reducing the spread of AIDS among intravenous drug users and for women prostitutes and their children.  The philosophy of reducing harm has paved the way and experience of the entity in their work on drug dependencies including prevention, treatment, and insertion and was fundamental for what has become a methodology of work.

L’Associació Rauxa started the continuing public health project for the integral treatment of homeless marginal alcoholics in 1989.  Rauxa is an entity of declared public utility without interest and not for profit, for the rehabilitation of marginalized people on the street suffering from chronic alcoholism.  “In order to complete our work, we need all of the help possible including both human and economic resources.”

Aldees Infantils SOS is a private not for profit international organization that helps children.  It is interdenominational and independent of an political affiliation, founded in 1949 in Imst (Austria) with presence in 133 countries.  The main work of the organization is assisting a child grow to self-sufficiency and well integrated in society.  Aldees Infantiles SOS is a member of UNESCO and an advisor for the Social and Economic Advisory for the UN.

Bona Voluntat en Acció is a social NGO the works with the 4th world. It holds the initiative to eradicate poverty, marginalization and social exclusion driven by the spirit of solidarity and volunteerism.  BVA is a humanitarian organization that works for the most disadvantaged so that they can overcome the poverty and misery through integral aid programs.

Casal dels Infants concentrated efforts in the most vulnerable to achieve concrete and lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, youth and families at risk of social exclusion and the communities they live, promoting social transformation from the environment around through a shared project.

ABD Welfare and Development Association is an NGO declared of public utility, which has its origins in the eighties. After years of working, we still believe that all people want a society that minimizes or eradicates inequality and exclusion. Therefore, we work to get it.

Social Work St. Louise de Marillac is a social integration program aimed at people with no resources in social exclusion. His action for social integration focuses on different projects focus on the person. The overall objective is to promote social reintegration processes through treatment, prevention and individual promotion and awareness of society.

Red Cross is the largest humanitarian network in the world which are linked to more than 120 million people in 186 countries.

Caritas is a Catholic institution that aims to promote, guide and coordinate social action and charity of the diocese, and in order to help promote integral human development of the people, raise awareness and promote social justice. Caritas is a non-profit organization and funding is mostly private. Caritas is composed of volunteers and professionals, and accompanies most disadvantaged sectors of society, walking with the triple mission report, advertise and transform.

Formació i Treball. Caritas in 1992, promoted the birth of a new entity, Training and Employment Foundation which has two primary objectives. First, the training and employment of people with special needs and socio personal to join the labor market. Second, managing the supply of clothing, furniture and household equipment for families with low incomes derived from different social services (Barcelona City Council, City of San Adrián, Caritas …).

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