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Technical advice



From Nutrition Without Borders (NWB) we offer a technical advisory service for the proper execution of food recovery and waste reduction projects. The experience in nutrition and food safety issues of the NWB team (dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, agronomists, etc.), give us the knowledge and experience to advise on the design and implementation of projects for harnessing food resources and networking.

We have the support of the Government of Catalonia, the Public Health Agency and the Barceolna City Council for the development of initiatives and projects for the prevention of food wastage.

Here are some recommendations for the proper implementation of a project to recover surplus food cooked:

  • Search, evaluation and selection of players: centers of food production centers and beneficiaries.
  • Be aware of the regulatory framework to ensure food safety.
  • Develop a circuit collection and distribution of food.
  • Have a plan for traceability.
  • Have a system for monitoring and control.
  • Have a database to manage all the information and assess the impact of the action.
  • Have a team – Have appropriate equipment and materials.
  • Develop a training plan in concept planning and food safety.

For further information regarding the terms and conditions of this service please contact us through the mail

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