Bcn comparteix el menjar


In accordance with the goals of cooperation and solidarity explained in the principles of action, the NGO Nutrition without Borders supplies the Beneficiary Entities involved in the project, without cost, the types of foods that are most adequate for most disadvantaged group in our community. Nutrition without Borders offers nutritional and food security council for the beneficiaries by training in good practices the actors that work in the entities and guaranteeing the improvement of their offered services. The Beneficiary Entities are private social not-for-profit institutions that help in one way of another those most in need.  It is through these groups that the DNGO Nutrition without Borders can ensure that the food gets to those who need it in a fair way since they are the only ones who are in the condition to fairly hand out equal share to the beneficiaries that pitch in their own essential services. If you are an entity and you wish to join the project contact us for more information.

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