Bcn comparteix el menjar

Who we are

Nutrition without Borders(NSF) Nutrition without Borders is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization engaged in humanitarian action, cooperation in development and intervention in the third and fourth world (ONGD).   The mission of the development NGO Nutrition without Borders is to contribute to the reduction of inequalities in the use of nutritional resources in the world, with a focus on cooperation, education, and promotion of a balanced use of the world’s food resources and solidarity between peoples of all nations. Aware of the current situation of increasing poverty in the city of Barcelona and experience in matters of nutrition and food security provided by the team of professionals collaborate (dieticians, nutritionists, physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, agronomists, etc.). NSF has designed the project “BCN comparteix el menjar”utilization of food resources and networking.


We work with a model of cooperation in which the locals participate in the development projects benefitting their local communities (codevelopment). We advise health and education professionals in nutrition and food related matters in impoverished areas which may also entail social exclusion, or be produced within the context of humanitarian crisis.  We inform citizens and health and education professionals through our various forms of media about key nutritional aspects and cultural diversity which are interpreted through mutual understanding and by facilitating communication. We support and cooperate with other NGOs, institutions, national and international organizations, in nutritional and food-related matters, which are critical for the development of every human life in any part of the world. We promote a balanced use of food resources and solidarity between populations by means of informational campaigns that raise awareness on food security and basic human rights. The vision of Nutrition without Borders is to become a reference organization in the introduction of new technologies and applications adapted to the needs of disadvantaged populations, helping to achieve a good nutritional status by means of a correct diet that’s adapted to differences in cultures and societies with the firm belief that food access is a universal right.


• Inscribed in the National Registry with the following classification: Group: 1 / Section: 1 / National Number: 585447. • Inscribed in the Catalan Agency for Cooperation and Development with the number 82 • Inscribed in the Registy of Nongovernmental Organizations in Development combined with “ The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development” (AECID). • Forms a part of the Federation of the Coordinator of the Canaries NGO for Development in the (CONGDE-CA). • The entity is declared an Association of Public Use by the Spanish Ministry of Interior for Associations.

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