Bcn comparteix el menjar

How we do it

Once a week we transport the food from the hotel to a closer charity in Barcelona. We do one or two daily transportation. To accomplish this task we position ourselves separate entities, the city’s hotels, businesses and social organizations collaborating NGOs NSF and the soup kitchen beneficiary

Each of the parties will develop different tasks, which are complementary.

  • Storage of food. This is where you select the hotels and freeze food surpluses. Food business stores depending on their characteristics.
  •  Coordination of transportation of food. Once a week the transport of Nutrition Without Borders, a / nutritionist in charge includes foods from each hotel to take them to a soup kitchen. Before his removal, he / nutritionist runs traceability plan defined by NSF. This transport is carried out under conditions which ensure the good food.
  • Control of food. This project has the support of the Laboratory Anabiol, which carries out regular analysis of food samples throughout the circuit.
  • Reception, conservation and regeneration of food. Is the dining and social centers where beneficiaries uses the food as needed.
  • Training in planning and food safety. “BCN comparteix el menjar” training in this aspect for schools that request it.


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