Feed your future

Education and training in healthy eating, hygiene and food planning.

Healthy eating is one of the key factors in chronic disease prevention and the promotion of a lifestyle beneficial for health. Maintaining a healthy body weight and following a complete, varied and balanced diet contributes to reducing the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity or high blood pressure.

The objective of the project is to contribute to guaranteeing the quality of health of people in poverty or social vulnerability, beneficiaries of social centers distributing food in the city of Barcelona, by promoting healthy dietary and eating habits for the prevention of chronic diseases related to dietetics and nutrition and the promotion of tools that contribute to the empowerment of beneficiaries in this field.


Through theoretical training sessions and practical cooking workshops from a participatory and inclusive approach that promotes creativity.

Geographical situation

Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

Social composition

Health is not distributed territorially in a homogeneous way but is unequal according to neighbourhoods, and socioeconomic inequalities tend to increase. NWB intends to work with the most disadvantaged individuals and groups for their empowerment. It is for this reason that, the NGO Nutrition Without Borders carries out this project to promote healthy diet at low cost for the prevention of chronic diseases related to diet and nutrition adapted to the socioeconomic conditions of the beneficiaries. The project is aimed at people, mostly women in charge of family feeding, who receive food aid from social centers recognized by the Social Rights area of the Barcelona City Council.

Origin of the action

Detected the needs in the city of Barcelona, NWB begins the project of education and training in healthy food, hygiene, and food planning with the support of the Department of Health of the City of Barcelona.


Low-cost, healthy cooking workshops.

Healthy cooking workshops and energy poverty.

Healthy cooking workshops and conscious eating.

Healthy cooking workshops and promotion of nutritious foods.


There have been a total of 32 theoretical training sessions and 32 practical cooking training sessions, a total of 640 people have benefited directly from the training sessions.