Food sovereignty

Food is a right

Hunger and food shortages are a reality that affects more than 795 million people in the world and must be addressed in a transversal and multisectoral manner, paying special atten-tion to the production systems and distribution of food.

Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to control their own seeds, land, water and food production, ensuring, through lo-cal production, autonomous (participatory, community, and shared) and culturally appropriate. This production must be in harmony and complementation with the planet and promote the access of the peoples to sufficient, varied and nutritious food, strengthening the self production of each nation and people.

What do we do?

In Nutrition Without Borders we understand that in order to realise the right to food, a food system should be secured where food sovereignty is guaranteed. To ensure food securi-ty, understood as the availability, access and consumption of healthy, safe and nutritious food, we must also address the question of who produces food and how food is produced. Food sovereignty allows us to address the right to food from a ho-listic approach.

Our projects seek to eradicate malnutrition in the world tak-ing into account production processes and people's access to food. In order to achieve missionary goals, the following ac-tions are carried out:

  • Assessment of the state of food security

  • Promotion of community agricultural activities

  • Training and technical assistance in agricultural activities

  • Training and eduaction in food issues

Some results

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