Awareness campaign for the reduction of food wastage in the HORECA sector.

Currently, of the 262,471 kg of food wastage that is generated annually in Catalonia, 16% comes from the catering sector. Part of this food surplus generated in the sector can be addressed from prevention and reuse projects, such as those led by the present entities (Puente Alimentario and BCN share the food), but there is an important volume that is not addressed. This surplus that has not been worked until now is generated by the same diners of the restaurants, in particular it materialises in all the foods that once served at the table have not been consumed, and that unfortunately must end up in the trash.

The aim of this campaign is to educate both consumers and the catering and hospitality industry in the prevention of food waste by offering proposals and alternative actions for their reduction. The campaign focuses on offering a practical solution (a specially designed and attractive package) to recover the surplus generated by diners at the restaurant tables.

Geographical situation


Origin of the action

Remenja'mmm is an awareness campaign that wants to normalise between customers and diners in restaurants the habit of taking food and drinks that are not finished. This campaign is aimed at diners, but it must be carried out by the committed restaurants, key actors for the promotion of this change towards the reuse of food and the reduction of waste.

The campaign has the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council and the Agencia Residus de Catalunya (Waste Agency of Catalonia).


Delivery of the materials of the awareness campaign to the collaborators.

Creation of a web page and social network profiles to give visibility to the collaborators and to share examples of good practices.

Creation of a REMENJA'MMM Award for the promotion of good practices in reducing food wastage in the catering sector.


There have been a total of 32 theoretical training sessions and 32 practical cooking training sessions, a total of 640 people have benefited directly from the training sessions.